A Simple Guide to Filtering and Purifying Water


Clean water is one of the most important issues mankind is facing for the future. Some people on this planet deal with contaminated water on a daily basis. Most of us are

The G.O.A.T Bug Out Bag Guide

The Ultimate AR-15 Guide

It is no secret that the AR-15 is the most popular rifle in America, and that gives your average gun owner plenty of options to choose from when it

Everything You Need to Know Buyer’s Guide to Tactical Boots


If you spend a lot of time outside or work in difficult conditions, a pair of tactical boots is a must-have. These boots are designed to protect your feet in any environment and stay comfortable for a full day’s wear. Choosing the right boots can be difficult, but you can consult this guide to help you make the best decision. The best pair of tactical boots will depend on your unique needs and the conditions you will face.

Disaster Prepping for Beginners


          Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, these are just some of the natural disasters that can uproot your family and destroy your livelihood. Emergency is all about preparedness, and often preparedness is what separates those that survive from those that do not. Thankfully, technology and access to information allows everyone, even beginners, to properly

Bushcrafting: The Basics


 In the mid 19th century the eastern Longhunters and western Mountain Men were dying out and a man by the name of George Washington Sears started writing stories as “Nessmuk” for Forest and Stream magazine in the 1880’s. He talked about conservation and the old ways while promoting lightweight canoeing trips in the Adirondacks.

Then around the turn of the 20th century came another man by the name of Horace Kephart. In 1906 he wrote a book called Camping and Woodcraft. In it he detailed hiking the land while enjoying nature.

Right after Kephart came Francis Buzzacott in 1913 with his Complete Sportsman’s Encyclopedia.