Essential Bug Out Items

Situational preparedness can be a life saver. When disaster strikes, seldom will you have the time to go out and purchase every bug out essential. In this article I will provide you with the knowledge and necessary framework to assemble your very own custom emergency bug out kit for short term situations. This kit will be for one adult to last up to 72 hours. Once assembled, you can keep it at home, or at work, in the car, or with you on outdoor trips. Depending on your environment, caloric requirements, and personal preference, you may add/subtract items. For a more in depth guide, check our article The G.O.A.T Bug Out Bag Guide.

Everything You Need to know about Buying a Gunsafe

If you are unsure of where to start when it comes to gun safes, you are in the right place. Safes are a big investment, and you will want to make a sensible decision. As you start along this path, there are multiple questions that you will want to ask yourself. Answering them truthfully and honestly will help you along the way to finding the perfect gun safe that is best for you.

What are Tactical Pants? The Top 5 Tactical Pants  

The right type of tactical pants have made both lives and jobs a whole lot easier for a whole row of different professions ranging from EMTs, FBI agents and