Top 5 EDC Items You Can Find on Amazon

There are two types of people, those that ask for a pen, and those that carry a pen. People with an EDC, or everyday carry, are the people that carry a pen, figuratively and literally. There’s no one specific way to build an EDC, but I find the best ones are made up of items that you will use every day. To me, when I think EDC, I think essentials, efficiency, minimalism, and utility. My ideal EDC

must include a knife, some form of payment, a small portable battery, and a multi-function pocket tool. These are my most used items on most, if not all days. Feel free to customize your own EDC, I’d say most of the fun is making it your own unique EDC.

#1 Knife

I’m a knife guy, I like many styles and blade material compositions. I sharpen my own knives as a form of relaxation. I have no hair on my right arm because I want my knives to be shaving sharp. I’m not big on knives with serration, and I have a weak spot for Damascus Steel. I love fixed blades, and when I go hunting, I will always have my fixed blade Damascus on my belt. For a city boy EDC however, I like having a folding knife.
benchmade griptilian knife

My #1 choice is the Benchmade Griptilian. It is probably one of the best overall knives out there. Not only is it extremely customizable on the Benchmade website, its basic model is still very good, both aesthetically and functionally. Let’s get right into the specs, because that’s the best part.

Mechanism: AXIS
Action: Manual
Blade Steel: S30V (customizable)
Blade Length: 3.45”
Open Length: 8.07”
Closed Length: 4.62”
Drop-point blade style (customizable)
Clip Type: Standard
Clip Position: Reversible Tip-Up
Lanyard Hole: Yes

As far as customizations go, available blade styles include Drop-Point, Plain Sheepsfoot, Serrated Drop-Point, Serrated Tanto, Serrated Sheepsfoot, Plain Tanto. I would choose Plain Drop-Point because I feel it is the best overall blade style. Check out all the available hand colors on the Benchmade site, but I would go with blaze Orange because I would more than likely take the knife with me outdoors and I would rather not lose it in the brush.

Steel is probably the most important decision when choosing a knife. It doesn’t hurt to read up on the common steel types, and Benchmade makes it easy to compare the different qualities between them. I value high corrosion resistance as I don’t have to oil the blade as much thus keeping my clothing oil-stain free. Edge retention is a big factor as well. I would rather spend a longer time sharpening infrequently over quickly sharpening frequently. The Griptilian is covered by Benchmade’s lifetime free sharpening service and so it would make sense to strop the knife on a day to day basis and sending it in for sharpening maybe once or twice in a year. Having said that, my steel choice would be S90V, it’s an extra $30 on the knife, but the lifetime sharpening is worth the time and hassle for such a hard steel. It also justifies (not that you need justification) having a second knife to use for your EDC while you wait for your main knife to be sharpened.

#2 Payment

I hate carrying so much extra “stuff” so when I look for a wallet, I’m going straight for the minimalist style wallets. One of the luxuries of living in a modern city is the availability of non – cash forms of payment. I want something thin and light, with credit card shielding and space for 1 credit card, 1 bank card, 1 or 2 pieces of identification, and space for a small amount of cash.
armour supply wallet

This wallet by Armour Supply Co. checks all my boxes, it’s got all sorts of practical, nifty features and it is available in many different colors. The wallet is built like a sandwich, held together with elastic straps on the sides. Your cards will have to be stacked so keep the most used cards on the outside of the stack, and identification on the inside. On the inside are aluminum shield plates that block 10MHz to 3000MHz signals. Shipped in a cool box, this wallet also comes with a card sized multi tool and compact foldable key holder.

L, W, H: 3.4, 2.1, 0.2 inches
Weight: 1.6 oz
Aluminum/Carbon Fiber/ Brass/ Bamboo available
Blocks RFID
Fits up to 12 cards and 5 folded bills
Tool card includes ruler, bottle opener, box cutter, protractor, screw drive, hex nut driver+ more


Coming in at number 3 is a cool and nifty multi-function device. This flashlight, phone charger, UV-C sanitizer is quite the mouthful so we’ll just call it the RovyVon. The device itself is shaped like a regular flashlight. It comes with a belt clip, and a magnetic base for sticking the light onto magnetic surfaces. Included in the design is a battery for charging phones, and a UV light-based sanitizer.

rovyvon multifunction device flashlight phone charger uv-c sanitizer

Four LEDs upfront gives the flashlight a maximum 2800 lumens. Simply double click to turn on (avoids accidental activation). The light will turn on to the previous power output by default. There are 4 modes: low, medium, high, turbo. The flashlight also has a flood beam that can illuminate up to 342 feet.

The use of UV light as a sterilization tool has been around for many years. UV-C specifically is employed in this flashlight using 3x 18mW UVC LEDs @ a wavelength of270nm. This type of UV light has been proven to kill viruses and bacteria. Take caution when using the UV light. UVC light kills viruses and bacteria by destroying their DNA, rendering them unable to multiply and mutate. Avoid contact with the light on skin or anything you don’t want to damage. This is solely for quickly sanitizing surfaces like door handles. Nothing beats properly washing your hands regularly. It’s as easy as turning on the UV light and holding it a few inches away from the intended surface for a few minutes.

The light has a 5000mah rechargeable battery and USB port for quick charging cell phones. The package comes with a USB-C cable as well as two other common USB cables for charging. The device is capable of up to 3A output, so most phones with quick charging will be fine.

The device is relatively light at 7.8 oz and made of 6063 aluminum alloy. It has an IPX8 waterproof rating. Dimensions for the device measure 4.25” L x 1.2” D x 1.5” H

Brightness and Runtime Specs:
Low: 200 lumens, 12 Hours
Med: 800 lumens, 4 Hours
High: 1800 lumens, 3 Hours
Turbo: 2800 lumens, 2 Hours
UV-C: 18mW, 5 Hours

#4 Phone Case

Everyone has a phone, and phones have become so integral in our daily lives, they are automatically considered EDC items. A good phone case is extremely important because it’s usually the only thing protecting the most expensive item you carry with you everywhere you go. Choosing a phone case can be a daunting task with so many options from an innumerable number of brands. The key is to know what you want out of a case and choose the best option that meets those needs. Prioritize fall damage protection over design. The most common damage done to cell phones comes from dropping, and the most vulnerable place for a phone to land is on the corners and edges. Choose rubber or silicone -based cases with ample protection on the corners and sides. Many phones have screens that go right up to the edge of the phone and any bump along the edge will likely result in the screen cracking. Pay attention to how much of the case rises above the screen, some cases cover the back and edge of the phone while leaving the screen edge unprotected, avoid these types of cases.

Otterbox are among the most popular of phone case brands available. They have multiple product lines that cater to different markets. Their Defender series(top) are their most robust, with extra shock absorption material on the corners providing well tested protection. Many Defender cases come with belt clip attachments since they are also quite bulky. If bulky is not your style, and you’re willing to give up some protection, the Symmetry series(bottom) is for you. The Symmetry series provides good balance between protection and slimness. Both series feature a raised beveled edge to protect screens from everyday bumps. Otterbox makes cases for just about every phone out there, but on the off chance that they don’t make one for your phone, take case material, raised edges, and corner thickness into account when choosing your case.

otterbox defender Case                                   

otterbox symmetry Case
#5 Writing Utensil

This last item is another essential for my everyday carry. Pens are one of those things that nobody ever seems to have when it’s needed. Being a student for 8 years, I have come to really appreciate a good pen. Too heavy of a pen, and suddenly your hand aches 15 minutes into a 3-hour exam. A pen with a good ball point is key as smooth rolling resistance keeps writing consistent. Lastly, a good pen must have good ink. I am left-handed, and as such I detest pencils, and pens with slow drying ink that bleeds through the page. I feel sorry for those who has graded my work when I used a pencil. The amount of smudging was so bad, sometimes I couldn’t read my own work.

nitecore ntp21 pen

My choice for an EDC pen is the Nitecore NTP21. I’ll be the first to admit that I would not be particularly adamant about lending this pen to anyone. For me, the best-selling point of this pen is the refillable ink. It comes with a Schneider Gelion 39 cartridge, but I would replace it with the Schneider Slider 755 cartridge just because I want something that dries very quickly. If I was a right-handed writer, the Gelion 39 would be my choice without a doubt. In the specs below, you will find the compatible ink cartridges.

The pen is considered a “tactical” pen, so it falls under the common tactical design scheme. Tactical design means functionally minimalist, unassuming, and purpose built. It is after all a pen, and a pen that does not fit the writer is not a good pen. The Nitecore NTP21 is made from an aluminum alloy that is both lightweight and durable, which is perfect for EDC applications. Finally, the pen doubles as a glass breaker/self-defense tool. The NTP21 has a tungsten tip capable of breaking glass and scoring steel. The tungsten tip is the default state and ready to use, the pen tip is not exposed and so the cap must be removed before using.

Weight: 0.9 oz
Length: 5.6 inches
Construction: Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Tungsten tip
Cartridge compatibility: Parker I5JD, Parker GEL, Ohto PS-207NP, Apex Medium, Senator 07 DK, Schneider Express 735F, Schneider Slider 755, Schneider Gelion 39

Honorable Mention

With every day life being so impregnated with different electronic gadgets, each being able to display time, watches have become a fashion piece now more than ever. I feel like a watch can add sophistication and class to any EDC, and there’s a watch for every situation. From tough waterproof outdoor watches, to the classy timeless aesthetics of a Rolex. In keeping with our outdoor tactical theme, I’d be remiss to not mention the Garmin Instinct. It is absolutely jam packed with features; I would need a whole page to list them. Worth mentioning however, is that it has GPS capability, route tracking, thermal, shock, water resistance and heartrate monitor. It also tells you the time.

garmin instinct watch

The great thing about EDCs is that they are a natural expression of the self. Most people have an EDC, and everyone’s would be different in that regard. It has become a trend to show off your personal EDC. There are many websites, even subreddits where users are posting their EDC to share with each other. Reddit users on r/EDC are constantly posting their EDCs and the uses of their EDCs. I find it interesting how other people put their own flair on a pretty normal thing.


Written by John Sader

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From camping shoreside as a toddler while his father fished well into the night, to portaging through the backwoods of Ontario, John is an outdoorsman in every sense of the word. A natural Jack-of-all- trades, he is always outdoors doing anything and everything. John enjoys spending his weekends fishing, from a boat or through the ice, hunting for Turkeys and mushrooms in the spring, wing shooting in the fall and chasing deer until the last day of the season. He one day hopes to have his own homestead where he can enjoy the outdoors to it’s full potential. Follow along on his journey on Instagram @set_hook.