What are Tactical Pants? The Top 5 Tactical Pants  

The right type of tactical pants have made both lives and jobs a whole lot easier for a whole row of different professions ranging from EMTs, FBI agents and

SWAT members, to military, fire fighters as well as police officers. These lines of employment might seem like a serious crowd, but don’t worry if you’re not slotting yourself into any of them. Tactical pants are also used by a variety of people looking to set a solid foundation to their favourite hobbies, outdoor activities, and personal interests. They weren’t originally made for FBI agents to spark up their clothing toolbox, but rather for those ready to

conquer the natural world—mountain climbers.

Even though mountains are still being climbed accompanied by these effective and durable pants, their features have made them reach more markets and industries compared to 20-30 years ago.

Today, we’ll cover everything you need to know about tactical pants. We’ll talk about their background, what pants suits what needs, and of course, the top 5 tactical pants. Stay put. This article focuses on tactical pants but another important piece of gear that compliments pants are some tactical boots. Check out our Buyer’s Guide to Tactical Boots.



What Are Tactical Pants?

Let’s start off by rewinding the tape a few bars. The term tactical (i.e. tactical equipment and tactical clothing) wasn’t coined too long ago, and is basically originating from its older brother ‘military’ (i.e. military equipment and military clothing).

For decades, military gear has always been somewhat self-evident, parts and pieces used by, as you might’ve guessed, the military. The further production technology went on, the more surplus we as civilians were able to get our hands on. They normally landed in the arms of a lucky few as a second hand product, though sufficiently preserved in order to recycle the next gen gear the military had at their disposal. A few lucky contesters’ even got a hold of brand new fancy army goodies.

Time kept ticking away and unlike myself, surplus became increasingly popular during the 80s and early 90s. As political systems changed, so did the military structures, as well as uniforms and camouflage patterns. It’s no surprise todays producers were yesterday’s surplus dealers, taking advantage of the abolished conscriptions and the revamping of our armies. This would, to mine and many other civilians’ luck, fill up warehouses with excessive gear and suit up anyone looking for quality clothing with a life time expectancy like Yoda’s.

Even though this surplus still lurks around to this day, it’s popularity and availability has declined quickly. As resellers turned manufacturers overnight, with some stitching up their own products whilst others turned their outsourcing-eye to Asia, a new market was born. A market aware of the need of good quality equipment with the renowned military functionality, though intended for active civilians like myself; for both professional and personal use. This sparked the start of the ‘tactical equipment and clothing’ era.

Benefits Of Tactical Pants And Who They’re Made For
I’ve heard people confusing tactical pants with regular cargo pants, so if you’re one of them, let’s start off by getting things straight; they’re not the same thing. They may be somewhat similar in style, so if you’re here to buy your partner, friend or family member a new pair and have no clue what they are, I’ll let this one slide.

Okay, let’s get back in topic. Even though they’re very similar in style, the traditional tactical pants squeezes a lot more value out of your money due to their impressive durability, solid strength and mobile functionality.

Sure, the cargo pants might be a very popular pair of everyday-wear but if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, crafty home-owner, professional or simply someone who share my excitement for spending money in things that actual last, the tactical pants are your go-to option.

The ancestors to these pants were first introduced back in the days when the majority of the United States’ army spent their days and nights crawling though the Vietnamese jungle. They played a crucial role in the soldiers wardrobe due to both the possibility of carrying a whole lot more tools using additional pockets, as well as the durable design allowing for tougher use.

In the army, they won’t have time to be worrying about their clothing so they must wear clothes able to withstand extreme wear and immense pressure. When crouching in the forest, the last thing on their mind is if the pants will be stained by the soil.

Or maybe that’s just a guy thing? Not sure.

Anyhow, with these pants they don’t have to worry since they are stain, water, and soil resistant. In other words, a greater peace of mind.


As far as professional use, I’ve already mentioned its wide-ranging popularity within the law enforcement. Although, another industry benefiting from its favorable features is construction. These two-legged friends will help them to carry more items than what they would with solely a tool belt.

Alright. Enough with the small talk. Let’s dig into the real reason why we’re all here.

The Top 5 Tactical Pants 
Ladies and gentlemen, the moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Jokes aside, this is in-depth review of the top tactical pants of 2020 is thoroughly teased out by carefully testing and reviewing 15 of the most popular products on the market. I’ve been a long term fan (nerd) of this industry and believe it has the potential to really provide some priceless value in the right hands. So, without further ado, let’s get this show on the road.




The 5.11 Stryke Pants snatches the number one spot on this list with style. By setting the bar high through a great design, seamless comfort and dynamic functionality, 5.11 shows their competitors why their still one of the top brands on the market. And no, I’m not being paid to say any of this, I just love solid craftsmanship.

5.11 combines a ripstop fabric made out of 65% polyester and 35% cotton, introducing any user of the Stryke Pants to a durable and comfortable pair of trousers. They offer a seamless switch between indoor and outdoor activities whilst promising a pleasant comfortability through most types of conditions such as arid to humid, and from hot to cold.

They also rock a Teflon treatment, protecting them from stains and spills. Even the dirty kind (i.e. dirt and oily substances, don’t go off imagining things.) A treatment the works against the evil wrinkles when you’re wearing them for a long time.

In terms of technicalities, the 5.11 Stryke Pant holds 12 pockets specially designed and sized for optimal tactical use, leaving you able to store basically any type of tool needed. With YKK zippers, youe pockets will keep an eye on your tools. Yes, mountain climbers, even if you’re hanging up-side-down. 

Comfortability -  Very comfortable to wear, and I’m not the slimmest guy on the block so trust me on this one. The elastic waistband will allow you to keep wearing them even if you lose or gain some pounds. As I said, I got you.
Reinforced Hand Pockets - Even though these pants have more pockets than you’ll need at one given time, you’re most likely to use the hand pockets. Therefore, the manufacturer reinforced them so they won’t buckle under the weight.

Sizing Might Vary – Some customers who bought multiple pairs of this model complained that the size might vary between them. A quick little FYI for anyone out there looking to buy more than one pair.

1.8 lb
Model: Tactical Stryke
Two-way Flex-Tac mechanical stretch
12 pockets, including front pockets sized for EDC items, and double- deep cargo pockets
6.76 oz. Flex- Tac ripstop fabric
Self- adjusting tunnel waistband
Gusseted construction, Teflon finish, YKK zippers and Prym snaps
Articulated knees (kneepad ready - inside inseam)
Bartacking at major seams and stress points








If 5.11 showed the tactical pants-world how things are done with their Tactical Stryke model, this where they reveal they won’t be stepping down from their thrown anytime soon. The Tactical 74273 Taclite Pro Pant is a safe bet, even if your next adventure isn’t.

They’re put together through a smooth blend of polyester and cotton with a gusseted crotch, which eliminates 4 seams coming together in one spot and thus creating further freedom of movement and a more comfortable wearing experience.

Through generously sized pockets, this model allows any gear to accompany you on whatever deeds and trips the future holds. On top of this, 5.11 also provides a custom phone pocket at the top of your left thigh, which they have also strengthened with ripstop poly-cotton for great durability along with a Teflon Wear Resistant finish, keeping any uninvited stains and water out of sight.

Like the Tactical Stryke Model, the Taclite Pro also utilizes the many benefits of YKK zippers along with Pram snaps, leaving all your connectors durable and trustworthy. The seat and knees are double-reinforced, so you’ll be able to bend, seat, kneel, or crawl whenever the opportunity rolls around. 

Triple Stitches – 5.11 added conveniently placed triple stitch reinforcements for the pants’ high-stress area, enabling you to use them for a long time without worrying they might rip.
Teflon Treatment – Your pants will basically always look as good as new, even if you spill liquids or walk in a dusty environment, thanks to the their Teflon treatment. The treatment is specially designed to repel oils, dirt, and liquids.

Not Very Comfortable In Heat – These pants aren’t too comfortable if you wear them in high temperatures. The polyester doesn’t allow your legs to breathe as well as cotton would.

2 lb
Model: Taclite Pro
6.2 oz. poly/cotton TACLITE ripstop fabric, with an Action waistband and 8 pockets including strap-and-slash seat pockets
Double-reinforced seat and knees (kneepad ready), bartacking at major seams and stress points, and triple-stitching
Lightweight, durable Taclite fabric
Gussetted construction for flexibility and strength
Extra pockets sized for tactical use
Hip-mounted D-ring
Teflon finish with YKK zippers and Prym snaps





Blackhawk is a company driven by the traditional values of the tactical pants-industry, and claims the third spot on this list. Their ripstop fabric containing 65% polyester and 35% cotton benefits from a durable water repellent Teflon treatment which makes it stain resistant and allows it to dry faster after washing.

Blackhawk also added convenient double layering in the knees and seat for increased wear and tear protection. The reinforced belt loops will accommodate any types of belts on the market with their 1.75” width. To provide even greater mobility, the pants’ waistband smoothly slide and expand.

There is a little hidden large compartment in the right-hand pocket, allowing you to, yes, rock climbers, I’m talking to you, be secured with a zipper. You can use this pocket to keep your most valuable items secured. All the storage pockets are zippered, promising even the clumsiest of adventures to keep your tools and gear in place. 

True Sizes – Order these pants online without having to worry their size might not be accurate. As long as you buy them in your size, you should find no problem slotting into them smoothly.
Belt Loops Spaced Right – The belt loops are sized perfectly, allowing any hunters, hikers or law enforcement agents to carry a weapon or a knife holster without any problems.

Silicon Strip – The silicon strip in the waistband, which is supposed to keep your shirt tucked in, unfortunately only chafes your skin. Great intention, but didn’t quite hit the nail on the head with this feature.

Material: Cotton and Ployster
Fastening: Button
Closure: Zipper
Multi-Pockets Design. Loose Fit (No Stretch)
Notice: Belt is not included, Only Pants
Structure: Two Hand Pockets, Three Legging Zipper Pockets, Two Hip Zipper Pockets
Due to Hand Measurement,Please allow 1-3cm difference in Size.




Propper proudly presents their Lightweight Tactical Pant and stands tall with their addition to this competitive industry. This model combines 9 pockets for any type of survival out there, double stitching throughout, as well as extraordinary touches like the nested cell phone. These pants willl definitely be adding another dimension to anyone’s wardrobe.

They are specially designed to be worn all year round and will be providing the necessary warmth or coolness and protection you need, meaning your high and low temperatures will be no match for these pants.

The pants’ fabric is treated with a Teflon water-resistant substance, so worrying about staining them won’t be on your list either. The fabric treatment also protects the pants from dirt and offers increased anti-rip protection.

Upon any type of wet encounter, the material will dry in a short time, even after the pants have been washed or submerged under water. Proppers’ Lightweight Tactical Pant rock 9 separate pockets, with one specially designed for your phone, another one for your wallet, and one for the spare coins from your local gas station. In terms of storing any bigger tools or unusually sized gear, the cargo pockets are large and they’ll be able to fill most of your needs. As long as they’re not emotional. 


Wallet Pocket – The rear pockets are large, though each of them has a smaller “second” pocket within which will fit a wallet perfectly. A great addition, as storing your wallet in a large back pocket can make it move around and land in uncomfortable spots. Been there, done that.
Good Quality Finishes – The finish of these pants are top quality. The seams and stitches are straight, without loose threads or crooked seam patterns. Thumbs up.

Colors Are Darker Than They Appear – A personal preference, but the pants’ colors are darker than how they appear online.

65% polyester / 35% cotton with Teflon™ fabric protector
Zipper closure
Machine Wash
Fade-, shrink- and wrinkle-resistant
Teflon fabric protector finish repels stains and liquids
Extra-large belt loops designed for nylon duty belt
YKK zipper and Prym snap
Two hook and loop back pockets with wallet "pocket in a pocket"
Internal openings for knee pads
Two hidden coin pockets
Relaxed fit



5. Tru-Spec 24-7 Tactical Pant


A great value-for-money pair of pants and, without Tru-Spec trying to send a message to the world or break new ground, the 24-7 Tactical Pants are a great option allowing anyone in need of a solid pair of tactical pants to bang their buck.

Which you might have already guessed, these poly-cotton pants are designed for heavy-duty, 24/7 use. To allow you to insert kneepads if you desire, they rock boast reinforced knees with openings. Each cargo pocket in these pants contains two internal magazine compartments, an external cell phone pocket, and two knife or accessory pockets.
The Tru-Spec 24-7 Tactical Pant comes with a self-adjusting slider waistband, without visible elastic gathers on the outside. The Teflon coating feature adds even greater value through stain resistance and durability, as well as a unique pocket design that looks flat from the front, but expands to provide even further storage for any type of gear. 

Supplemental Cargo Pocket – By utilizing an additional small cargo pocket sewn over the main one, these pants adds an extra compartment which is just large enough to fit an extra magazine for your handgun.
Casual Look – The 24-7 Tactical Pant keeps a low profile , meaning most people won’t be able to tell they’re tactical at the first glance. A great feature of you’re looking for a pair also suited for everyday wear.

Baggy Legs – Again, a personal taste kind of thing, but the somewhat baggy legs can be a disadvantage for some people.

100% cotton
Zipper closure
Comfort fit slider waistband construction eliminates need for gathered elastic or adjustable side tabs
2-Cargo pockets with hook and loop closure and bellowed side gussets; 2-internal magazine compartments in both cargo pockets
Reinforced knee with inside opening for knee pads (not included)