About Tactical Precision GearSo you’re an enthusiast like us? Well, you’re in the right place! We’ve created this space to help bring unleash the warrior within you.

Welcome to Tactical Precision Gear. Our mission is to offer you the best survival and tactical-related gear on the market. We believe wholeheartedly in providing you with a place to learn about, find and purchase the highest-quality tactical precision gear available.

Rather than simply providing you with the gear you need, we offer all the survival tips, skills and know-how you require in order to master all things related to survival and tactical gear.

Our mission is to help you, a fellow warrior, gain proficiency, develop your skillsets, improve your technique and expand your knowledge whilst operating in the safest way possible. With the right tools and understanding, the warrior within you can thrive from the inside out. We’re in it with you, we are learning and evolving as well to help to unlock your true potential and achieving your warrior goals and dreams!

What To Expect:

  • Top recommendations from those in the know about all things related to firearms and tactical gear
  • How-to videos and articles so you can find out all you need to know about the most relevant and interesting areas within the industry
  • Beginner’s guides to ensure you’re across everything you need to be across

What Not To Expect:

  • One word: politics. There’s already many great sites covering that topic and we’re not about to compete with them.

If you earn affiliate commissions, are your reviews biased?

We keep our reviews unbiased by choosing not to reveal our affiliate relationships with our writers or editors. Trust is the most important factor for our site, and we do everything we can to recommend high-quality products that will benefit our readers regardless of affiliate partnerships. We would not expect readers to continue supporting our work or trusting our opinion if we only recommended products due to bias. We view that approach as laziness, and we would never provide that experience for our audience.

We go through extensive testing and reviewing processes to determine which products we recommend to our readers. Time is dedicated to research and test the gear recommended in any of our articles. Countless hours are spent to ensure you get the best recommendations based on factual evidence that you can check for yourself. When we offer a purchasing guide, we strive to provide all of the information you need to see why we made the picks we did for a specific product or product type.

Sometimes our work is supported by an affiliate commission, but this is paid by the retailer when someone makes a purchase. We do not receive any income if a reader returns their purchase. For this reason, there would be no benefit for us to recommend an inferior product or one that is of lower quality. We know our readers will not appreciate the product, and if they return it, we do not earn any affiliate commission. There is a solid system of checks and balances in place to ensure we only recommend quality products that our readers will enjoy.

We do not respond to pressure from manufacturers to promote low quality items or provide incorrect or misleading information about the products we recommend. Our writers and editors are not aware of any preexisting relationships with affiliates and all opinions are original. Only by providing this level of honesty and transparency can we continue to earn the trust of our readers.

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